Our Philosophy

We started off in 1974 as a one-man-band. You don’t last 46 years in business if you’re not doing something right.

At 61 Design, that ‘something’ is relationships. We’ve always invested time and energy into clients’ success. This is what gets us out of bed in the morning and sometimes keeps up working late into the night. 

We measure our success by repeat business and the evolving nature of our partnerships. Clients can be wary when they first come to us. That’s ok – that’s what life experience does to people. Before long, they loosen the reins. They seek our advice. They trust us to go beyond the initial brief, if that’s what’s required. It’s not about the dollar, it’s a genuine desire for them to do well – and our clients recognise that. It’s all about trust.

Our Approach

More ideas, more flair, more fun. More dexterity, more power, more engagement. More style, more heart, more buzz, more delight.

There’s nothing like the feeling of satisfaction that comes when you work with 61 Design. We push the boundaries and make your business more recognised and more successful.

Funky fresh 96%
Far out 98%
Dangerous levels 100%

Why Us?

One Point of Contact.

Bags of Benefits!

Inventive thinking is built into 61 Design’s DNA. Our business is agile, integrated and irresistibly offbeat. We combine our creative, strategic and print production capabilities into one seamless operation.

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