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Crafting Your Brand Palette

In this design blog, we'll delve into the art of choosing a simple yet visually appealing colour that not only reflects your brand but also resonates with your target audience.

Elevate Your Online Presence

Whether you're seeking to revitalise your brand, improve user experience, or increase conversions, our insights and tips will guide you in creating a captivating online platform that drives business growth.

The Importance of Consistency in Branding

Consistency is key in many aspects of life, and branding is no exception. In fact, consistency is one of the most critical factors in creating a strong brand identity that…

The Importance of Branding For Small Business

As a small business owner in Ballarat, you may think that branding is something reserved for big companies with large marketing budgets. However, branding is equally important for small, local…

Business Card Printing 101

Business card printing is an essential part of any Ballarat business’s branding and marketing strategy. Business cards serve as a tangible representation of your business, and they are often the…

SEO for Beginners: Backlinks Explained

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial aspect of digital marketing. It is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page on search engine results…

5 Great Reasons To Choose US For Your Web Design

Here in Ballarat, we’re known for our rich history, stunning architecture, and thriving business community. In this dynamic market, it’s essential for businesses to stand out from the competition and…

SEO for Beginners: Keywords Explained

Keywords are one of the most fundamental aspects of digital marketing and SEO. For those who are new to the field, understanding what keywords are and how they work is…

Our top 7 social media marketing tips

Social media marketing is the process of creating, sharing, and exchanging content on social media platforms for the purpose of promoting a product, service, or brand. With billions of active…

Trends in Colorful Branding and Logos

Quirky type and bright colours are a key theme in 2023, suggesting businesses have rediscovered their sense of fun after a tough couple of years. In conclusion, there are many…


As we move into 2023, it’s more important than ever for businesses to have the right systems in place to stay competitive and operate efficiently. In this post, we’ll take…

Drone Marketing Strategy

How To Incorporate It For A Campaign WIN. Would you like to know how to elevate your traditional and digital marketing campaigns? Would you like to take the leap right…

Curating content from other sources

Scratching your head for social media content themes? We’ve got good news – you don’t have to create all of your content by yourself. There’s so much awesome content out…

SEO – Every Pages Matter.

Everyday, over three billion internet searches are conducted worldwide. This means that people are looking for you and your business every single day. How many of these people are actually…

What makes a good business card design?

Business cards are still relevant in today’s business world. It is your calling card – a quick and easy way for potential clients and network connections to find your contact…

4 Quick Ways to Improve Your SEO Success

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is about making it easy for search engines to find your website. If you want customers to be able to find you easily online, here are…

The Importance of Blog Posts

We all know posting in social media networks can improve traffic to your website and get more eyes on your business. But what most businesses miss out on is writing…
News-Post Banner – Were all about partnerships

We’re All About Partnerships

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Western United FC in its inaugural year of competition.  The newest Hyundai A-League club, WUFC embodies the aspirational, hard-working and successful spirit of…

Go Western United

It’s been a big week for us here at 61 Design. As avid supporters our eyes will be glued to our screens this evening as our beloved Western United square…
On The Air With Clipping Path

We’re On The Air

We have launched our latest radio campaign hitting the airwaves in Sth East Qld. Tune into 101.1FM out and you just might hear a catchy little jingle. Sorry if it gets…

Happy Birthday Henk!

We are excited and honoured to be celebrating the 78th birthday of our founder, Henk Batstra!

Welcome Aaron

In a nutshell, his professional career so far has revolved around helping clients understand and make best use of emerging technologies in business. We know a lot of you will…

Keep Going

Scary and strange times! We’re all thinking about our families and friends at the moment, as well as what the future holds for our livelihoods. As small business owners, there’s…

Western United

Proud members of Western United FC and proud player sponsor of Besart Berisha.

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