WordPress 5.5 Released – Is your site up to date?

Is your site running the latest greatest version of WordPress?

If not you could be missing some pretty cool improvements, but most importantly, your site could be a significant security risk.

Just like the software on your computer the software that runs your website needs updating. This includes the core WordPress code as well as code in themes and plugins, even the server software* that runs your web host and database.

The process of updating can be very straightforward – or a total nightmare.

It depends on the state of your server and how much you’ve been keeping things up to date. It also depends on the sorts of backup and recovery tools you have at your disposal, and of course, knowing how to use them.

If you buy a car, that car needs servicing – it’s exactly the same for websites and hosting. If you’re not a mechanic – that means finding someone you trust to do it for you.

Enter 61 Design.

Not only can we get your site up to date and secure, we have tools that can automagically update your site, themes and plugins – all while managing back ups and monitoring uptime in case something goes wrong.

Something our hosting clients are already benefiting from!

* Server software such as your PHP version can drastically affect the security of your web site and the speed of its performance. The latest PHP version is 7.4 with 7.5 expected by the end of this year. We regularly see clients that have not had attention paid to their hosting still running PHP version 5.4 or worse!!

Check out this benchmarking report of WP 5.3 done by the good folks over at Kinsta.

It’s pretty clear getting up to date has many benefits!

Contact us if you think your site needs attention!

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