The Importance of Blog Posts

We all know posting in social media networks can improve traffic to your website and get more eyes on your business. But what most businesses miss out on is writing these posts on their website first in a news or blog section and then sharing it to social media.

By having the content on your website you benefit from Google and other search engine crawlers reading this information and attributing more keywords to your site – I.e with a better understanding of your content Google will happily push you up the search rankings for things you are regularly talking about.

Another benefit of this is the journey users might take after seeing your content on social media. 

Instead of just being able to scroll past your content (maybe an offer or an announcement) with enticing content convincing someone to click and view your content on your site will likely result in them spending more time on your site reading other articles (you will quickly build up a great resource of posts if you follow and commit to a smart schedule).

This is how to turn your regular posts into more effective conversion winning content.

Of course – it’s important these posts have a strategy and a measurable outcome. Many factors go into this planning including your industry, business, services, products, customers and competitors.

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