GC Psychic Website

Client Description

Tarot Reading by Gregory Charles is an art based on the natural gift of intuition, insights and mediumship, blended with numerology and astrology. Gregory aims to bring truth, clarity and compassion to the experience and ensure that everyone is empowered with knowledge and actions that allow them to move forward in any situation with clarity and confidence.

This website needed a professional appeal, invoking feelings of trust and confidence, both in the person and the service. From a functional perspective, it needed to showcase the range of services available, include information about the business owner, and include an option to make bookings.


Classic blue tones are used to convey the appropriate look and feel for the website, accompanied by soft grey tones in the font. Content is presented in small blocks, so the viewer does not become overwhelmed with information and instead, can absorb the imagery and take their time scrolling through the site.

Various services are listed in the menu bar at the top of the page, and also as animated boxes in the lower section of the home page, again allowing the site visitor to navigate in their own way.

A booking function is included, as well as personalised messages from the business owner and from satisfied clients, which enhances the feelings of confidence, trust and professionalism.


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