Drone Marketing Strategy

How To Incorporate It For A Campaign WIN.

Would you like to know how to elevate your traditional and digital marketing campaigns?
Would you like to take the leap right now?

Yes? Then let’s talk drone videography.

Fascinating to watch, drone footage provides a bird’s eye view of scenery that isn’t easily visible from the ground. Your viewers get an all-access pass to a glorious display that your business is sharing with them – whether it’s outdoors or indoors; be it a product, property, facility or area.

Businesses can use drones to either lead or complement their marketing campaigns. At 61 Design, we love the impact of drone footage in:

  • websites and landing pages
  • social media channels
  • presentations
  • blogs
  • digital ads

As for drone aerial photography, it looks awesome in:

  • brochures and flyers
  • annual reports
  • trade show displays
  • outdoor advertisements
  • the branding of your workspace

Both the drone’s video footage and still images provide dramatic aerial views that are extraordinary when compared to a regular photo or video shoot from the ground.

61 Design is an accredited RPA operator. When it comes to taking enthralling shots that add dimension and movement, leaving an awe-inspiring impression on your audience, we’ve got you covered. Go on, test us.

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– By Emma Le Grand, Business Development Manager

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