The Big Online Marketing Mistake Small Businesses Make

We’ve heard about marketers giving business owners some less-than-brilliant advice that they don’t need to worry about having a website if they’ve got a Facebook page.

That’s not super smart. Think about it – do you want to rely purely on Facebook to grow your business? What if Facebook makes changes (which it does all the time), or people stop using it? It could be profoundly damaging to your business growth. 

I’ve followed so many local, beautiful, boutique businesses on social media over the years – from kids clothing stores and artists, to florists and beauty therapists. But when I forget the business name (as I inevitably do), these hardworking, charming small businesses (that don’t have a website), are impossible to find and therefore impossible to support financially. 

That’s because Facebook accounts don’t directly impact SEO (the process of improving your visibility when people search for your products or services on Google). Sure, Facebook and Google have a relationship, but it’s different from the one Google has with a website.

It’s important to understand that Google’s algorithm doesn’t take much of Facebook’s information into account when crawling the social media platform. So, in other words, Google most likely does index some of your posts, but the overall SEO weight they have appears to be small.

Then there’s the issue of the shrinking organic reach Facebook is becoming known for. A post’s reach depends on its engagement rate, which means how many people like, react, comment, or share your post. The more engaging a post is, the higher the reach.

In 2022, the average organic Facebook post sees just 0.07% engagement. What’s more, the current Facebook algorithm prioritises posts with a lot of engagement, especially with people you regularly interact with.

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– By Emma Le Grand, Business Development Manager

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