LOGO DESIGN | What makes a great logo? Is it time for an update?

Example of great logo design

A business logo is a visual representation of your brand and plays a significant role in creating an impactful impression on your audience. A well-designed logo can enhance your brand recognition and credibility, whereas a poorly designed logo can negatively impact your brand identity and reputation. In this blog, we discuss the characteristics of a great business logo and how to know when it’s time to update yours.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: What our team CAN do that online platforms CAN’T

graphic design

In today’s digital age, there are countless online tools and platforms available to help anyone create their own designs. From templates to drag-and-drop interfaces like Canva, these tools promise to make it easy for even the most design-illiterate person to produce professional-looking designs. While these tools can be useful for some basic design needs, they […]

Western United FC Gift Box

Using the strong colours and logo of the football club, we created these eye catching and versatile gift boxes for the club to use on any number of occasions. There can be no mistaking where the gift came from with a design such as this!

Empower Care Logo Design

An illustration of caring hands and soft colour tones were used for this client, which formed the basis of the other design elements in the logo. It was then implemented across a range of office stationery.

McCain Catalogues

Catalogues are great promotional tools to highlight and inform clients, customers and business collaborators about the latest news, products and changes.

Pyrenees Shire Council Tote Bag

Pyrenees Shire came to us with a brief to create a design for a jute bag to promote the town of Avoca. We created an illustrative design that incorporates the main attractions of the area – the Pyrenees ranges and the wineries – while cleverly representing the connection between the two.

Securlock Logo Design

A multi-purpose, professional design that works well across all mediums and makes an immediate impact.

McCain Banner Signage

As part of a New Zealand PR launch, the Rustica Mall display was created to support an interactive activation. To help promote the new sourdough range, as well as boost sales, key visuals were displayed to draw in a crowd.   It was a huge success!