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Did you know one hundred mice eat the same amount as one sheep!? A pair of mice can breed up to 500 offspring in a single season. Each of those offspring can start breeding themselves from 6 weeks of age. Mouse populations on farming property can quickly get out of hand.

Field Air can assist farmers in throughout Victoria, southern New South Wales and eastern South Australia with the aerial application of mouse baiting agents. Field Air operate a large fleet of industry leading turbine powered ‘Air Tractor’ aircraft.

Established more than 50 years ago in 196, Field Air also became an Air Tractor dealer in 1978.

Field Air’s experience in Air Tractor operations and support is extensive throughout Asia and the Pacific Region.

There are approximately 200 Air Tractor aircraft in operation in their dealer region in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, China, South Korea, Mongolia and Malaysia. Field Air provide a full level of service for its customers’ Air Tractor operations throughout the Asia and Pacific dealer area.

With stunning images and a range of content to work with – this site was a pleasure to work on. You could say it really took off.

We are continuing to work with Field Air and soon will be launching a new and improved version of their online classifieds.

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