Truck Signage

We were approached by a local courier who wanted some "cool truck signage" - he threw us the keys to his truck (figuratively speaking) and let us create something special.

Which is something that certainly doesn’t happen every day!

This was a great opportunity to showcase both our creativity and design skills – and have a lot of fun with the design at the same time!

First and foremost we wanted the design to be eye-catching, vibrant and a little bit quirky so it stood out on the Ballarat streetscape. An octopus? Sure. A 61 Design beer? Why not! Throw in some cool typography and bingo, a truck design is born!

From concept to reality, it was great to see this design in the flesh and still to this day we see the “61 Design” truck getting around town… And yes, we’re still Thirsty for Design!

How can we help?

Call us, write us, or knock on our door.


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