Welcome Aaron

In a nutshell, his professional career so far has revolved around helping clients understand and make best use of emerging technologies in business. We know a lot of you will be pumped about that!

In an exciting new arrangement for 61 Design, Aaron will be based off-site at his home in South Gippsland. Fittingly for an IT expert, he’ll be wielding Zoom and Skype to their maximum effect, consulting ‘face-to-face’ and providing powerful advice and support online.

Aaron has years of experience in the industry, and is one of those rare gems who can design, build and conceptualise digital solutions. He comes to us from Great Southern Press where he managed the IT and Web Department, honing that invaluable ability to communicate with those who don’t do tech speak. Past employers also include Netball Victoria and Visy Industries.

On top of all that (and this is a big one), Aaron is a really friendly guy who more than fits our ethos of developing great working relationships with you – our amazing clients.

Aaron looks forward to meeting you through the screen and, should you be casting about for an ice breaker, he loves sport, travel, music production and performance. Born in the United States to an Australian mother and American father, spending the first 12 years overseas before landing home down under. That should be more than enough to go on to help you forge a beautiful friendship.

If you would like to get in touch with Aaron drop him a line at aaron@61design.com.au

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