Our Origins


With just $800 to his name, Henk Batstra set out to make his mark in the printing industry, and in 1974 the doors to Henksan Printers opened.

From that day, Henk displayed an unparalleled dedication to his clients and to the work, with his family by his side. Starting work at 3am was a regular occurrence, and it was normal for clients to come in and see the Batstra kids, Stefan and Sonya, helping behind the counter or maybe even asleep on one of the paper racks.


With the business as a second home, it was no surprise when Stefan came to join the ranks, bringing his skills in graphic design. Together, Henk and Stefan grew 61 Design into what it is today.

In their years in business together, Henk instilled in Stefan the same work ethic he used to start the business – a commitment to deliver high quality outcomes; and an unwavering belief that there is always a way to do something new, you just have to find it.

Just like Henk, Stefan and the 61 Design team look beyond what is immediately in front of them, constantly keeping an eye out for the next innovation, a way to improve, something to learn and grow from.

We endeavour to carry on Dad’s legacy every day - transforming brands into icons, and clients into life long partners and friends.

Stefan Batstra, Owner / Director

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