It’s all about integration. You can only take your business to the next level when your design, print and web come together, working as one.

We believe in consistency, purpose, and using integration to tell a whole story. That’s how you you get noticed. That’s how you inspire customer action. And that’s how you grow your business.

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A passion we all share – from logo design to branding for all of your major assets, plus website design and more – if you can dream it then we can help you do it. We’re here to help with all of our design needs.

Mockups Design


Make your business stand out with business cards and bookmarks, flyers and large scale promotional assets such as binders, folders and other documents. All under one roof.

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Stunning, fit for purpose web design. eCommerce and SEO are things we know well. Small, medium or large, with best in class hosting to boot. No job is too big or too small when it comes to web.


We’re a diverse bunch, bringing together some serious design, web and print smarts for effective business outcomes.

Our founder, Henk Batstra, still likes to keep his finger on the pulse. Having started with hand composition for newspapers and books, hot metal and letterpress, he’s a true time traveller in this industry of technological change.

Henk passed his passion for the business on to his son, Stefan, who has built a team of design, digital, print, strategic and marketing gurus around him. This is the thriving 61 Design you see today. We’re big enough for any job, but also small enough to ensure you always get the individual attention we’ve built our reputation upon.

Flexible Autonomy

61 Design is uniquely placed to drive commercial success for our clients. Our autonomy effectively eliminates any reliance on third parties, ensuring the client journey is as smooth, economical, flexible and dependable as possible.


Innovative, daring and more connected than a switchboard, our business seamlessly integrates creative, strategic and print production capabilities under one roof. Herein lies our key strength, and your crucial advantage.