Celebrating Partnerships: Ball & Doggett

As we commemorate 61 Design’s 50th anniversary, it’s not only a time for celebration but also for reflecting on the enduring partnerships that have shaped our journey.

Among these valued relationships stands Ball & Doggett, Australia’s largest distributor of printable materials, press consumables, and printing equipment. They have been a cornerstone in our story of growth, collaboration, and shared success.


Origins & Early Connections

Our association with Ball & Doggett traces back to 2009 when Alan Didus, the current sales manager, first crossed paths with our founder, Henk Batstra, and his son, Stefan. At that time, Alan was serving the Ballarat region for Focus Paper, and a strong bond began to form. It was a shared commitment to quality and service that ignited the initial spark for collaboration.

Recalling those early days, Alan reminisces about working closely with Stefan on significant projects for shopping centres. “We collaborated to secure large-volume business by ensuring the right product at the right price,” he reflects.


Evolution of the Relationship

Over the years, our relationship with Ball & Doggett has evolved from business partners to friends. Together, we have navigated transitions, adapting to evolving market landscapes and technological advancements.

Alan reflects, “Over the years, we’ve developed a strong, close knit relationship. A significant moment came when we secured the laundry tag business after working together to source the right product. This was big volume business 15 years ago. We also worked together to help find the right products to meet the needs of McCain Foods.”


Emphasis on Quality & Consistency

Alan emphasises what distinguishes 61 Design, highlighting our organisational skills and “how easy you are to deal with. You see the value in your suppliers and you are a joy to work with.”

He continues, “61 Design has consistently exceeded expectations, and provided us with exceptional printed pieces to help showcase our products over the years. The quality of print and their attention to detail is first class.”


Impact on Business Growth

Regarding the impact on Ball & Doggett’s business, Alan remarks, “Partnering with 61 Design has helped grow our revenue and introduce new products to the market.”

He adds, “Their ongoing support and loyalty has been pivotal and helped Focus Paper, BJ Ball and now Ball & Doggett be a sustainable supplier.”


Personalised Experience

Alan praises the personalised experience in our interactions, noting, “The attention to detail and the personalisation has been exceptional in all dealings we have had together.”


Envisioning the Future

Looking forward, Alan envisions continued close collaboration between 61 Design and Ball & Doggett, exploring new markets and products. “I anticipate we will venture into new markets with new products while maintaining our strong partnership,” he states with enthusiasm.


In Conclusion

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we want to express our deepest gratitude to Ball & Doggett for their unwavering support, dedication and friendship throughout our journey. Your partnership has been instrumental in our success, and we are truly thankful for your continued collaboration and encouragement.

Here’s to many more years of shared achievements and memorable milestones together!


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