Celebrating Partnerships: Ballarat Hospice Care

At 61 Design, fostering connections with our clients is central to our values, and our collaboration with Ballarat Hospice Care illustrates this commitment. As we mark five decades of our business journey and reflect on the circumstances that brought us together, it’s our pleasure to share insights from Michelle MacGillivray, the Community Engagement Manager at Ballarat Hospice Care, on our history of teamwork. 


A Foundation of Trust

Our partnership with Ballarat Hospice Care began in late 2020 when they sought a design company to revitalise their communication tools and update existing brochures.

“I was impressed with the way Stefan and Simon came to the office to understand our organisation and culture,” recalls Michelle. “They were easy to chat with, personable and really understood our organisation. They took the time to establish a personal relationship.” 


Evolution of the Relationship

Over the years, our partnership with Ballarat Hospice Care has evolved into a collaboration marked by mutual respect, shared goals, and impactful outcomes. Together, we have embarked on numerous projects, from annual reports and a website launch to the updating of banners and development of a new corporate brochure, patient information booklet and bequest booklet. 


Quality and Consistency

“61 Design has met all our needs and requirements,” Michelle affirms. “Their responsiveness, professionalism and quality of the end-product is what sets them apart. They are always thoughtful and quick to ask questions if there is any confusion about what we have requested.”


Impact on Ballarat Hospice Care

Our collaboration with Ballarat Hospice Care has had a tangible impact on their organisation, helping them achieve their goals and overcome challenges. We have contributed to improved website statistics, increased recruitment responses, and positive feedback on their communication materials. “We’ve had very positive feedback regarding our annual reports,” Michelle says.


Personalised Experience

The team at 61 Design are very good at talking with us about our concept and further refining it,” Michelle explains. “For example, we may have an idea about a new page on our website with an outline of what we are hoping to achieve. 61 Design will take the idea and expand on it, provide mock ups and further ideas for consideration.

“Another example is when we wanted an employment video for potential applicants to understand our organisational culture. 61 Design was able to quickly understand what we wanted, come up with a brief, develop a narrative and additional ideas about content. The end result was two professional, friendly and engaging videos that are now available on our website. The process for us was seamless and easy because of the planning and implementation work by 61 Design.

“Being able to pick up the phone and have your call answered by a person on the team who knows who you are, where you are calling from and why you are calling is very important to maintaining a trusted relationship.


Looking Towards the Future

As we look toward the future, both 61 Design and Ballarat Hospice Care are excited about the future that lies ahead. “We’ll continue to look for 61 Design’s knowledge and expertise in their field as industry leaders so that our collaboration on existing and future initiatives is informed by new ideas and capabilities,” Michelle says.

With upcoming projects on the horizon, 61 Design is committed and enthusiastic about supporting Ballarat Hospice Care in achieving its vision and mission for the future. 



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